Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Waited too long - the followup

Saturday 11 AM – the wet snow brings down the pines across the power lines.

Saturday 8 PM – we finally get the generator set up to operate and can run a cord for lights, frig and radio, but no heat. It’s cold.

Sunday 11AM – got the fancy twist lock plug we needed, the genny is now hard wired into the electric panel and the boiler is running – heat, lights and TV, just like downtown!

Monday 3 PM – the generator blows out. Runs like a top but no longer produces power, a quick disassembly shows nothing obvious, so no more heat, frig, lights or TV… thinking about moving downtown.

Monday 3:30 PM – broken toe results from repeatedly kicking generator. (just kidding). Joking about “how much we enjoy the changing seasons” is no longer funny.

 Monday 8 PM – after the third stop, finally located some lamp oil without citronella - apparently an endangered product and now worth more per ounce than gold.

Tuesday 5:05 AM – power is restored just before the temp in the house dips into the 40’s, and two hours later we can finally emerge from under a six inch thick stack of blankets.

Friday AM – will likely get a speeding ticket flying down I94 to Florida….


  1. Sounds like post-hurricane here...except replace "cold" with "hot as h*ll" and "lamp oil" with "ice"....

    But we will welcome you here in sunny, warm, ice-free Florida :-)

    And, I'll look forward to seeing you both in Atlanta ~ and hope it isn't as cold as last January!!!

  2. I think I saw you flying through the ATL at lightning speed today!
    Watch out- speed trap just south of here....
    safe travels...