Monday, April 23, 2012

A Map in the Sand

If you do much reading about business trends and what is going on in that world today you will soon notice that there is a relentless drumbeat for people to throw off the corporate shackles and try their hand at “Entrepreneurship”. With a capitol “E”. I am, of course, all for it but in some ways it is kind of amusing – sort of reminds me of Art Licensing with all the coaches, endless articles and forums, groups and advice, even business founder match-up services….and it is all on the upswing. 

But I digress. I read an article today called “The Worst Businesses to Start This Year”, you can read it here. It is not exactly an in-depth examination but does have great examples of a few changes in the world of commerce that should get you thinking. What happened to these industries? Who saw the changes coming and managed to find a way to disrupt the status quo, or at least profit from it? What will be the next established industries to undergo upheaval?

In addition to the listed categories, I would add a few additional ones that are a bit closer to what we do. Given the changes in our world I think these also could be bad choices for a new endeavor:
Graphic design firm
Scrapbooking store
Web design company
News-stand or Bookstore
Print and copy shop

Any more to add? Where does art licensing fit in with this? What do you think?

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